Gazebos by Old To New Construction

A gazebo in your garden is a wonderful way to spend summers with family and friends. You can entertain with dining, barbecues, or take time out for yourself by lounging with a book.

There are many variations for gazebo designs, and ultimately, it’s all up to what you want. We can help you build the final design, but also assist you in designing your ultimate back yard hideaway.

OUT WITH THE OLD IN WITH THE NEW can build your gazebo domed and fully enclosed or partially enclosed with trellis. A trellis refers to a latticework of wood, plastic or metal allowing plant life to grow and provide shading. Some other variations and additions to gazebo building can include:

  • Built-in benches, or outdoor furniture

  • Add screens around the gazebo

  • Skylights

  • Attached to a deck for increased space

  • Built as a stand-alone for a small private area

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